Cabling & Wireless

Given the growing need for faster connections and improved collaboration, wireless and wired networks have important roles in the modern workplace.

It may seem WiFi is all that’s needed, but not all devices can or should be on a wireless network, so the best solutions will seamlessly combine the two to deliver your clients a clear competitive advantage.


Network Cabling

ONS believes every successful business is built on the benefits of a fast and reliable data cabling solution. We have the experience and expertise to improve the performance of any data cabling installations, to ensure your clients are in the best position to increase efficiency and grow their businesses.

Our team is renowned for its design expertise and whether your clients are looking for a single outlet, or considering a major project, we can help you help them. Thanks to the engineering experience within the team you’re guaranteed total reassurance across the full range, including Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 and Cat8.

For every organisation seeking to grow and succeed, it’s critical they stay on top of the new and increased demand to transmit more data, more securely. Fibre Optic Cabling is the perfect solution that will ensure your clients are fully future proofed.

Fibre Optic Cabling from ONS will deliver the increased security and safety, faster bandwidth over distances and more reliable data transmissions, they need. Speak to our experienced team today and we’ll explain all the benefits of a fibre optic solution.


Wireless Networking

The modern desire for hybrid working, isn’t just about working from home, it's about a more effective and efficient use of existing office space. Organisations now want the ability for hot-desking, greater flexibility of space use, closer collaboration and more. All of these require a modern wireless network.

With modern wireless network speeds faster than ever and even 10gb now achievable, it is critical that the wireless network is designed correctly. The copper and fibre backbone cabling must be capable of offering these speeds and that is where ONS can help.

On your behalf, we can provide your clients with full onsite surveys using accredited software survey solutions, to help design a modern wireless network or help resolve issues with their existing wireless network.