Cloud Services

Our UK-based service desk can be accessed 24×7 and is white labelled so partners like you, can sell it as your own service.

We have designed three core packages that deliver the quickest, lowest touch, remote support processes, providing simple web-based and telephone support to our partner customers.

ONS Group’s renowned attention to detail ensures high quality, efficient and cost-effective solutions. We can provide support on either a shared or dedicated desk, at a fraction of the cost quoted by large corporate competitors – our agility ensures our success.


24/7 ITIL Service Desk

Our service desk can be accessed, at any time of the day, seven days a week. It is UK-based and provides essential remote IT assistance to your customers, anywhere in the world. The extensive experience of our engineers has shaped three core service desk packages to ensure your clients’ users receive the most appropriate level of support.

Please note, all packages can be tailored to your clients exact needs with additional features such as hardware break-fix maintenance and onsite engineers.



  • Reactive 1st, 2nd and 3rd line IT remote support


  • Pro-active 1st, 2nd and 3rd line IT remote support
  • Monitoring of network equipment and client devices
  • Patch management and critical update service
  • Online portal, chat and knowledgebase for end-users

Platinum Plus

  • All of the above 24/7

24/7 Pro Active Monitoring

Maintaining uptime on key network devices and applications is challenging, with any loss of service likely to impact any organisation. Interruption to service is not only frustrating but can stop productivity and increase the risk of lost business and unhappy customers.

Our UK-based service desk can monitor critical hardware and software applications on your network, respond to alerts and pro-actively solve issues 24 hours a day, significantly reducing the risk of major problems.

UK Call Centres

All our Call Centres are UK Based and can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our commitment to service quality ensures:

  • Calls from users will answered by people not robots.
  • Calls will be answered typically within 5 rings.
  • Experienced IT specialists work hard to fix first time.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management can be an administrative challenge and not only difficult to manage, but time-consuming. Our mobile device management service provides you with a solution that makes it easy for you to invite, monitor and manage devices.

Managed Mobile Benefits

  • Reduce exposure to risk- through secure & protected access to corporate mobile devices and data.
  • Enhance Productivity- by easily ensuring devices are properly configured through a single pane of glass.