Identifying the right Channel Partner to support your growth

Whatever the problem, when something goes wrong with an organisation’s IT, it can be at best inconvenient and at worst catastrophic. A local issue can cause user frustration and an outage could wreak havoc, reduce productivity or potentially cause an organisation to become non-compliant.

And that’s why you, as their managed IT service provider, operate a proactive service that predicts potential issues and resolves them before they become problems. Your calm, professional approach saves the day and wins you many admirers, who want the same great service for their organisations.

If you don’t have the capacity or the ability in-house, you may not only lose the current opportunity to win new business, but risk losing your clients to managed service providers offering a more comprehensive range of services.

To go alone requires significant investment in new talent to help you grow the service you provide, or deliver more services to your existing clients, to say nothing of the need for more office space to house the talent you recruit.

Working with a reputable Channel Partner to help you grow is the more profitable and perceptive decision. However, how do you find a Channel Partner who understands that their role is to provide the additional services you need whilst respecting your relationship with your client?

Here at ONS Group, we have been supporting our managed IT service provider Channel Partners for decades and believe we have what you need to develop your service offering, without the need for significant investment into your business.

What to consider when choosing a Channel Partner to support you – Part One

Flexible Contract Terms – The IT needs of every one of your clients will not only be different but it is likely to change quickly in the current economy. It will be affected by what they do, their hybrid working policy, what access their users need and a host of other factors.

Depending on the IT resources you have in-house you may need to provide varying levels of support which is never easy to predict month on month. When seeking a Channel Partner to support you, find one that offers contracts to suit your needs, offers a range of services you can also sell-in to your clients and understands their role in the background.

Responsive Service Desk – You know IT issues can occur any time and typically when you least expect them or are prepared for them. It is crucial that you have access to support whenever your clients need it so, when comparing Channel Partners, check their service desk hours and see if they offer 24/7 assistance.

At the very least their service desk hours should match your clients’ working hours and, in an ideal world, they will have engineers who can attend your clients in person, not just via calls or Teams. Also check their response times and client testimonials.

Dedicated Account Manager – The best Channel Partners will appoint you your own Account Manager who will be ready to support you with your sales targets, but also on hand to ensure good communication between both parties is maintained. Your Account Manager will understand your needs and will proactively work with you to deliver the service your clients need.

They will also manage ad hoc requests from your team and help develop new services to improve the support you provide for your clients, while strengthening your relationships. You should expect to meet your Account Manager early in the relationship and ideally you should build a good rapport with them as you will work closely together to grow your business.

Efficient Onboarding Process – The onboarding process should prepare you for what should be a long and rewarding partnership with your IT Channel Partner. It should start with a detailed scoping session to discuss your requirements and the opportunities to grow the accounts you have with your clients. Time spent at the start will pay dividends in the long run.

When finding the best Channel Partner for your business, ask for a timeline of their onboarding process. This will detail the steps involved which will help you plan better for the future. You can also ensure they have considered everything necessary to support your business.

Choosing the right Channel Partner

Given the importance of the technology on which your clients’ businesses rely and the need for a reliable Channel Partner to support you, you will need to work with the best possible partner, such as the ONS Group.

By considering all the factors we have covered in Part One you will find a business that fulfils your needs, protects you against risk and keeps your clients happy. With the right Channel Partner, the additional support and services will be available when you need them to take your business forward.

In Part Two, we consider more ways to recognise the ideal Channel Partner for your business, so check back soon or sign-up for our partner newsletter which will keep you informed and share best practice advice to boost business without a significant recruitment programme.

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